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Live Music Event
Fashion Industry


LA Fashion Week
Palm Springs Fashion Week
Faashion Magazine
Live Concert


We Are The World 25 for Haiti
The Black Eyed Peas
Bon Jovi
Greek Theatre
Foo Fighters
Janes Addiction
Michael Jackson Memorial
Dave Matthews Band
World Bodysurfing Championships
Cataline Classic
Fiesta Hermosa Locale
California Beach Volleyball Association


Axis PR & Entertainment’s leadership has a strong  influence and reach into the entertainment,  music, and lifestyle industry as we not just  produce, own and manage some of the industry leading awards and event programs, but have been hired to do the same for others.

Axis Entertainment

Fashion Week

Axis has managed & produced various runway shows and events during Fashion Week, including PR & production from the runway to the red carpet.

ITV Alliance

Axis runs all PR efforts for Interactive Television Alliance’s annual, high-profile  executive retreats in Catalina and Los Angeles. Axis helps with media, PR efforts, speaker placement, etc.

We Are The World 25  for Haiti

Axis oversaw PR & media and consulted on distribution for the We Are The World for Haiti. The event consisted of over 110 artists on a new remake of Michael Jackson’s original We Are the World to help drive awareness and support for the Haiti earthquakes.  This was produced by AEG, Quincy Jones, and Lionel Ritchie and won a Humanitarian Award with Axis’s help.


Axis has run multiple live music events at SXSW for mobile technology, music/concert  production clients, and branded partnerships over the course of the past 7 years.  This includes all PR, partner liaisons, media/artist relations, and fan-based initiatives.

Michael Jackson Memorial

Produced by AEG, Axis ran all PR/ Media surrounding the historic memorial at Staples Center. Mobile viewing and downloads reached over 100M people worldwide, resulting in industry awards for the efforts and support with Axis's help.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Axis teamed up with Mercedes-Benz Research & Development in North America to drive exposure leading up to various Fashion Week events, as well as on-site management and logistics using mobile and social fan-based technology and incentives.

Global Poverty Project

A global non-profit that hosts the Global Citizens Festival event with high profile music artists to help raise money to eradicate global  poverty, which won numerous  social awareness and humanitarian awards with Axis’s help. This consisted of multiple musical artists over the course of one day in Central Park in NYC, Hyde Park in London, and broadcast around the world via mobile and streaming.

House of Blues
Music Showcases

Axis created a series of showcases to help launch new bands, brands, and leadership in music and technology. Axis oversaw all partner liaison, media, artists relations, fan outreach, event coordination, etc.

Other Axis
Experiential Events:

Dave Matthews, Larger Than Life in 3D / Michael Jackson Memorial / Black Eyed Peas, End of World Tour in 3D / Sony Pictures Digital / UCLA Anderson's Executive Forums / Phish LIVE Festival in 3D / Bon Jovi, When We Were Beautiful Tour & Documentary / Seth McFarllen Big Band Live Concert for DirectTV / Jane’s Addiction, Pay-Per-View at Gibson Guitar / Southern California Beach Volleyball & 6-man

In addition to Public Relations, Media, and Event support, Axis also helped bring in distribution and branded sponsorships through its influence and network for each respective event.

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