Sarah Miller


As the CEO of Axis Entertainment, Host & Producer Media Mavens Podcast  and Founder of the Media Excellence Awards, Sarah has over 15 years  of unparalleled experience creating leaders & defining markets  through  strategic public relations, marketing & experiential activations within the Tech, Entertainment,  Sports  & Lifestyle Industry

Jennifer Pelczarski

VP Client Services

Jennifer has 15+ Years of extensive experience in Strategic Public & Investor Relations & editorial in the tech, entertainment & medical field Ranging from start-ups to leading global brands 


David Pfeiffer

Director, Branding & Creative

David Pfeiffer has over a decade of leadership experience excelling in Client Relations, Branding, and Marketing across multiple industries with a strong focus on managing impactful end-to-end social media  campaigns, solutions, and engagements.

Kara Schwartzentruber


Co-Host, Media Mavens Podcast

Kara Schwartzentruber is an avid athlete with an extensive  background in Public Relations, Marketing & Event Planning  with a  strong focus in client leadership in the sports and lifestyle industry.


Alex Falter

Resident Editor

Alex Falter is a Resident Editor for Axis Entertainment & Media Mavens Podcast. Falter is an English Major with experience in journalism, social media and research which he applies to all aspects of PR & communications. Falter loves what he does & is looking to expand his writing abilities as a top journalist in media.